Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Catching up

I'm recuperating from the weekend.  Yesterday was my all-day thing - with two extras.  In the morning, I modeled (with clothes on) for a small life-drawing group - earning $40 (!) for just sitting for two hours (with several breaks).  And my friend, Missy, was in town for the day, so we got together with Renna for an early supper.  It made for a long day, though.  I didn't even get to the news before I was headed for the bed.

 I mostly loafed around today.  I went to the rheumatologist, and all was pretty much okay.  I'll get a bone scan in six months.  After some current news about drugs, I've been working to wean myself off omeprazole, which I've been taking for years.  I told the doc this, and he said that, current news notwithstanding, it has also been shown that taking omeprazole or something similar can help prevent stomach problems when also taking anti-inflammatories. And I'm not planning to give up on the NSAIDs. So we decided the plan would be for me to take the omeprazole every other day.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

That plus a nap and meals and catching up on the newspapers, etc., was all I did today.

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