Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Being bad was good

I was really bad this morning - skipped Silver Sneakers, and just sat here in my pjs reading the paper and doing computer stuff all morning.  This afternoon I substituted in a two-table bridge club at a local church.  The gal who invited me is the 92-year-old I play with here.  It's a nice group of women, and I was pleased that they asked me to be a sub, maybe on a regular basis.  I had pretty good cards, so a nice afternoon.

Supper this evening was steak night.  They do beef quite well here - I had Filet Oscar, a 2-3 oz filet, topped with crab meat, Hollandaise, and asparagus - cooked to perfection.  Yum!  All in all, a pretty good day.


Kate said...

Everybody deserves one of those days! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Steak - om nom nom - can't remember the last time I had a steak.


JeanZ said...

You decadent thing you!