Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Windy Wednesday

Quiet day here, but chilly.  After swimming and coffee, I had an ENT appointment - just a followup to be sure the vertigo hadn't returned - which it hasn't.  Then home for the afternoon.  I'll probably be doing even less tomorrow.
Did you see on the new that Astronaut Scott Kelly is back on earth after 340 days in space?  It's an incredible individual feat, and a great experiment in the lead-up to space travel.  The researchers will be comparing the changes in his body to those of his identical twin brother who remained here on earth. There was a great program on PBS tonight called "A Year in Space" based on Kelly's past year.  It's excellent - catch it, if you can.  Also, Kelly took wonderful photographs while he was on the space station.  I'm going to be looking for them online or perhaps in a real book.

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Shigeyuki Sato said...

You can look at "astronaut scott kelly photos". Google it.