Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's the big 8-0 !!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  It's been a long, lovely day.  I left home about 6:30 to go to swimming, and got home about 9:30 tonight.  Margaret met me at coffee, then we went to a meeting with my financial gal. 

This was our first session laying out a look at my fixed expenses, expenses I'd likely want to incur, and where the income is coming from.  The best news is that I've got enough money to keep me going.  It's a nice feeling for an 80th birthday present. 

But there was more to come.  Margaret and I headed to Gibbs Gardens in NE Georgia (about 1.5 hours from here). This is a privately owned estate owned by a retired landscaper (who still lives on the property).  He designed and had the gardens planted.  At this time of year, there are acres and acres of daffodils.  It is a lovely place to visit, with the featured blooms changing throughout the season. 

We headed to Matt & Claire's when we left, and took them out to dinner.  They had gotten some fancy cupcakes for dessert to celebrate my birthday. And then we headed home. And there were cards, phone messages, flowers , and computer messages  waiting for me.  Thanks to everybody !  A long lovely birthday.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday. Happy day and year to you. You deserve a good year!