Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday

  1. Some of the folks from swimming came over after class to see the new apartment.  It was nice to have company and show off my place.
  2. I called an insurance company that had been dragging its feet about paying the benefits.  They fold me it was "in the process" and I should get a check next week.  Sometime the wheel needs to squeak.
  3. John's tree in the Memorial Forest was to be planted this week, and we were looking at going this weekend to finish it and put some of his ashes with the tree.  Due to yesterday's heavy rain, the arborist wasn't able to get the tree planted, so that will be postponed until next weekend.
  4. Our CPA finished the taxes and came by to bring the papers to me. She's wonderful!
  5. It was a beautiful spring day - redwoods and dogwoods are in bloom. Judy S. brought me a lovely yellow tulip.  I'll enjoy it until the blooms fade, then give it to my neighbor to plant in the yard.

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