Thursday, March 17, 2016

The beginning of my 9th decade!

Today was another lovely day as a St. Patrick's Day/birthday followup.

Renna took me to an exhibit at the Booth Museum of Western Art in Cartersville, GA.  The featured exhibit was one of photograph, those who came before him and influenced him, and those who came after him and who were influenced by him. It's a great exhibit .  Sorry, folks, but there are only three more days in the show.

After the museum, we went to lunch at a nice little eatery nearby.  Then to Renna's daughter's office (she's a chiropracter) for Renna to get an adjustment.  And then we headed for home.  As yesterday, the weather was lovely, and all the travel was uneventful.

Again, thanks to everybody for giving me such a great 80th birthday (or as my dear, departed sister would be quick to tell me "the beginning of my 9th decade").

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