Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday errands

This morning was an errand day. After John got home from rowing, we went back out to "do stuff". First to the bank to cash a check. Next to Lowe's: this is usually a quick trip because the folks there are so knowledgeable and helpful. They weren't really "on their game" today, though. Back and forth across the store, check-out twice, wait around for someone specific to help - but we eventually got several things, including a new kitchen faucet and arranged for somebody to install it.

Walgreen's was next to pick up the second part of my Rx for glaucoma drops and get our flu shots . That took the time to fill out some paperwork and wait for the couple ahead of us, but it's now done. John picked up an item at Batteries Plus, and we were headed for home. Then, of course, it was lunchtime, quickly followed by naptime.

A supper out of the freezer and pantry and we were ready for football.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ten good things on Wednesday:

  • Swim class is always good.
  • Renna was feeling well enough to be back to the pool.
  • Dick saw the doctor, and no surgery will be required for his eye/face injury.
  • Workmen to fix the kitchen floor were here on time, completed the job in 1 ½ hours, and charged $150.00.
  • Bob’s divorce was granted with no problems.
  • Tina has resigned from the administration of Allan’s estate, and sales of items to settle the estate should start soon.
  • The weather is turning to fall - highs around 80, lows around 60, low humidity.
  • Nice naps were had by all.
  • Rain/fog picture from Carol/Stephen from Oregon.
  • Good dinner at Marco’s Pizza.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My exciting life!

Tuesday - groceries.
Not much else, as usual.
Chicken for supper.

Monday, September 15, 2014


The last few days have been all about computers.

John did an update on his desktop a couple of nights ago. When he tried to start it up the next morning, it wouldn’t come up. He worked and cussed and cussed and worked, did a system restore, etc., etc., etc. Nothing seemed to work. In the meantime, my laptop on the household wifi was working just fine.

Tina came over yesterday and worked on it for several hours, including running a Norton fix, and things seemed to work okay.

Then, this morning, his computer was gone again. Only this time, mine wouldn’t work either. Well, boogers!

After some fiddling around, including a Norton fix, my laptop came up (missing some stuff off my desktop, but at least working). John’s never did.

After bridge (mostly mediocre cards), Tina came over for dinner and more computer consulting. After much work, including conversations with “Larry” in India, the desktop is finally working. And John says it’s better than it’s been in a long time. My laptop is doing fine, but still missing the small taskbar that I’ve grown dependent upon. Tina’s still going to work on that.

All in all, it was a frustrating couple of days, and thanks to Tina for keeping us “hooked up”. We were at the point of talking about new computers - maybe even Macs. There will be more on this later, I’m sure.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

No stealing

Celebrity Obsession
Celebrity: a famous person From Wednesday's Alice
01. First Celebrity Obsession or Crush
02. Favorite Celebrity Encounter
03. Most Cherished Celebrity Obsession

04. A celebrity you’d love to hang out with

05. A celebrity you’d love to sit down and have a conversation with

06. An artist you’d like to see live
07. A celebrity you respect purely for talent
08. A celebrity you feel you’d be good friends with
09. A celebrity you dislike that others seem to love
10. A celebrity you respect for what they’ve been through in life
11. A celebrity you share a birthday with
12. A celebrity you find annoying
13. Favorite under-20 celebrity
14. Favorite over-60 celebrity
15. The celebrity “fandom” that means most to you

This “Sunday Stealing” meme is about celebrities, and I’ve opted not to do this one. I think there’s generally a huge difference between “talent” and “celebrity”. As much as I respect talent (whether it’s something I like or not), I’ve never had much use for celebrity alone.
We played duplicate Friday afternoon and came in first. Wow! Most of our top boards were on defense, and we loved that. We played again tonight with a small non-sanctioned group. We had a few good cards, but each of us did some really dumb plays. Guess that’s the nature of the game … any game, for that matter! We’ve played three times this week - and that’s enough - maybe even too much. Only playing once next week.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I got an interesting phone call at home this morning. It was from ….. ME!! At my very own home phone number. I grabbed the phone, anxious to hear what I had to say. Imagine my disappointment when it was only Rachel from CardServices, calling about the same old stuff.
I wonder how she got my number????

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

1. Grocery shopping is such fun.
2. Walmart and Aldi are my friends.
3. We need a little red wagon to tote groceries to the door.
4. Little black ants have returned to the kitchen.
5. Fruit gets eaten best around here when it’s cut up (thanks, Sue)
6. I’m off anything FB until 1 pm tomorrow. I had to re-do my sign-in. The penalty is having to wait 24 hours to use the new sign-in and password.
7. This means no “Words With Friends”.
8. Great Courses on Biological Anthropology recorded in 2002 already has some out-of-date stuff on it. Love those new discoveries.
9. Birthdays - Jesse on the 10th, Matt on the 12th.
10. Duplicate bridge tomorrow and Saturday
11. Cooler temperatures forecast for the next few days.
12. This ISIS (or whatever) is a terrorist organization, doing horrible things. As awful as it is/was, I don’t think the beheading of two US citizens is reason for going to all-out war. And I’m afraid that’s where we’re headed. Let’s go after the people/nations who are financing these terrorists. And, for heaven’s sake, keep Dick Cheney away from any decision-making.
13. Because today is 9/11, I am reminded of what a wise person once said: Wounds heal with time, but the scar remains forever.