Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday snow

Swimming on Monday.
Actual shopping and bridge.
Then colder and snow.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Strange day

It's been a strange day.  I got up, got dressed, and took the laundry up to get  started.  Then I had a good breakfast in the dining room.  It was a good time to do laundry, get a good breakfast, and get some newspaper read.  I got finished just in time for Sunday Morning to start.  And that's when it started… 

Comcast wasn't working.  C'mon - seriously?  I fiddled with the on/off buttons.  I unplugged and replugged the control box.  Then I checked the internet.  Nothing there, either.  So then it was on the phone with Comcast.  The recording told me they would take over and reset it and that it would take about 30 minutes.  If it wasn't back on by then, I should call them back.  It wasn't, and I did.  That's when I got a real person. 

So with the person, I unplugged and replugged again.  Nothing.  I turned the power strip off and on - twice.  Nothing.  So they set me up with an appointment for 8 a.m. tomorrow.  Well, that'll make for a fun day.  I did get the iPad and ultimately the laptop hooked up to the Terrace WiFi, so it wasn't a total loss. 

About 2, I clicked on the TV, just to see what would happen.  And - it was working!  What??  The internet wasn't, though.  But by suppertime, even the internet was up and running.  I waited a while to be sure, but then I cancelled the service call.  Hope springs eternal. 

Oh, yes - something else WAS going on.  Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, and our very own Peyton Manning

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Carry A Tune Meme

Stolen from: Love me some surveys

Do you own a tablet of any kind?

I have an iPad

What’s something people always assume about you that isn’t true?

I don't know what people assume about me…or much care

On a scale of 1-10, how much do elevators scare you?


When you’re upset, do you vent to people or do you keep to yourself?

It depends on who's around, but mostly keep it to myself

Have you ever watched a meteor shower?


Do you tend to put things off until the last minute?

Not too much

How do you react to random strangers suddenly trying to make conversation with you?

It depends on the situation, but I'm likely to respond.

Do you have a lucky number?


Would you go out to dinner with Oprah?

Of course.  It would probably be at a great place, and she's an interesting woman

Did you ever play sports?

Definitely not - unless you consider playing bridge a sport.

Do you feel guilty if you throw food away?

Not in the least

Do you think you could make it as a baker?

Definitely not

Are you one of those people who are wearing scarves with everything?

Nope, but I like them, have several, and wear one occasionally

Have you ever been in a castle?

Yes, in Russia and other places.

When you were little, did you ever play with Playdoh?

It wasn't invented when I was little, but I loved playing with it with our girls. 

Would you rather write a mystery or love story?

I'm not a writer, but I like mysteries better

Tell me about your worst fashion mistake.

It happens every morning when I get dressed

Do you hate it when people smoke around you?

I do now.

How are you wearing your hair right now?

Very short

When’s the last time you were sick?

Just before Christmas when I had a bad cold

Would you rather have OJ or milk with your breakfast?

To drink, OJ; on my cereal, milk

What were you doing thirty minutes ago?

Computer stuff, watching TV

Do you own any school related clothing articles?

Yep.  UTC Lady Mocs and UT Lady Vols

Would you rather call people or have them call you?

No preference

Can you carry a tune?


Who was the last person who unexpectedly texted you?

My realtor to remind me of the closing on the house.

Who do you text the most?

Probably Margaret or one of the swimmers

Friday, February 05, 2016

Another milestone

I am no longer a homeowner!!

What a wonderful feeling.  The money is in the bank and ready for investment.  I got to talk to the buyers a little, and they are US.  They're about the same age we were when we bought the house 30 years ago. Their children are grown. They've just had their first grandchild. They knew this was the house for them as soon as they saw it. The first question was about the screened porch. It just felt good.

My laptop is in the shop getting de-virused, so I'm writing this (slowly) on my iPad. I'll pick it up tomorrow.

A very good day!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


The storms roared through about 3:30 this morning.  My phone's weather alert went off, and the thunder started.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep.  So much for swimming this morning.  I did make coffee, though.  And then went for a massage.

I've gotten some stupid page that come up covering my Edge window.  It tells me to "Click OK" and I'll win an Apple iPhone6.  Right! - like I'm going to do that.  But I can't make it go away.  I've done a "restart"; I've done a complete shut-down.  It still won't go away.  I guess I'll have to take it to Staples or Best Buy and get somebody to fix it for me.  I had put an IE link on my task bar, so that's what I'm using for this.

Residents' Council for the Terrace was this afternoon.  I always try to go to these, just to find out what's going on with management.  Corporate has passed out some money, and there will be some infrastructure improvements made, some new furniture purchased.  There have been some new job assignments in the staff and some new hires.

But, IMHO, the biggest news from the Council meeting was that the County Election Commission is sending staff here to the Terrace next Tuesday to conduct early voting for  the residents.  I am SO impressed.  That's wonderful.  And I will vote here, instead of one of the other early voting locations.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


It's February.
It was cloudy and cool this morning.
Then the sun came out.
We broke an all-time temperature record for 2 February at 76 degrees F.
Then the wind started.
Then the rain started.
All with a tornado watch in our immediate area, warnings west of us.
Prediction for rain up to 2" overnight, with possible thunderstorms.
It's February!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Sunday Stealing - better late than never

Laundry Day Meme

Stolen from: Love me some surveys

Do you know any couples that have been married for a very long time?
We were married almost 60 years, and I know at least two other couples who are getting close to that.
What are you tired of people telling you?
 Can't think of anything
Which type of ice cream do you prefer?
I like vanilla and butter brickle.
Do you have a little sister? What’s her name?
I was the "little sister".  My older sister, Carol, died at age 66.
What was the last movie you watched on TV?
I can't remember.
If the internet was not available right now, what would you do instead?
I'd be knitting and watching TV, and have a call in to my internet provider
Do you complain a lot?
I don't think so.
Name a movie that your favorite actor is in.
I see so few movies, I don't really have any favorites any more.
Do you like your toes?
Would you rather go to an authentic haunted house or an ancient temple?
No contest - an ancient temple.
Have you ever had champagne? Did you like it?
I've had it, but not recently.  It's not one of my favorites and, in any case, I don't drink anymore.
Are there any seashells in your room?
No, but I got rid of a lot of them when we cleaned out the house.
What was the reason for the last time you went outside?
I left this morning to  go to the Y, and to do other Monday things.
Do you like fruity or minty gum?
I hate all gum.  Yuck!
Are you looking forward to any day of this month?
The 25th, when I leave with Sue and Margaret to go to Apalachicola.
What was the last graduation you attended?
Sarah's high school graduation about 8 years ago
Do you rummage through the $5 movie bin at Walmart every time?
I don't buy movies.
What day of the week do you usually do laundry?
It used to be Sunday, but I don't have a special day now.
Do you like using air fresheners?
I don't use them - don't like scented things.
Are your nails ever painted red?
They are now
When you were a baby, did you have a favorite blanket?
I don't think so
Ever been on a cruise?
Yes, mostly on river cruises, but one ocean cruise - all on small boats.
Would you rather go to Alaska or Russia?
I've been to both.  I don't care anything about going back to Russia, but would go back to Alaska in a heartbeat.
Strawberries or bananas?
Are you wearing socks?
Not right now, when I'm in my pjs.  But I always wear them when I'm dressed.
When’s the last time you went to the mall?
I loathe shopping, so don't go to the mall.  Having said that, I went into the end of an anchor store (but not the mall proper) today to return something I had ordered on line.