Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend

Margaret came over Thursday night, and we left early Friday morning.  We had lunch in Aiken, SC (near Augusta, GA), with an old friend we knew in Hendersonville.  We got to Sarah & Carson's house in Bluffton, SC, in time for supper.  They have a nice new house in one of those new developments with cul-de-sacs and about 30+ houses.  They seem to be settling in well.  We watched a lot of golf - rather it was always on the TV while we were talking.  Carson is caddy manager at a huge (23,000! acres), very posh, golf resort. Damned if I can pull up the name right now.  Lots of big houses, 2 very discrete, high-dollar shopping areas, stables, a shooting club, very manicured.  Both seem to be very happy with their jobs.  Sue came so she could spend some Mother's Day with her kids.  They took us to Savannah to see the wedding venue - it's in an old building, repurposed as an event center, in the historic part of town.  We have two VBROs for family members who come - don't know how many to expect at this point.  And we went out for a fabulous Italian dinner at a little place in a strip mall.

We drove to Charleston Sunday morning, to visit with Paul & Katherine.  Their hew house is quite a contrast - actually the neighborhood is.  The house is newly built, two stories over an empty space (louver-covered).  It's wedged into an area of pretty run-down houses. And it's almost right under an interstate.  The area is really in a soon-to-explode development area, so they should be sitting pretty when it does.  In any case, they love it, it's a gorgeous house, and they're happy with their jobs and in their new house.  They took us on a driving tour of Charleston, and to eat at a little shack-y eatery on Shem Creek for shrimp/scallops/oysters.  Yum!

We drove home on Monday (stopped to eat with Matt in Atlanta in both directions) and got here in time for Margaret to get out of town before the afternoon traffic.  Then I took TWO naps on Tuesday.  But I'm always ready to go.

Up next?  I hope to get to see Kate and Jean in the next week or so.

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