Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Starting 2006 travel

We're just back from our first trip of the year. We flew to The Valley to see my wonderful Aunt Betsy. For those who don't know, The Valley refers to that part of the Rio Grande River Valley from Brownsville, TX, upriver for several counties. It used to be a number of small discrete towns, but they've now grown so much, it's pretty much solid development. Some of the towns are Harlingen, Edinburg, McAllen, Weslaco, Pharr, Donna, San Juan, Progresso, Hidalgo, etc., etc. Members of my family (my mother's aunts, grandmother, etc.) have lived in the area for years and years.

Betsy is 86, and we fly down to visit her every year. She's a dear wonderful woman, and we just wish we were closer. We do always go in January or February. I grew up in Houston, but have become acclimated to less heat and humidity, so we don't go in the summertime. In the last few years, we've enjoyed getting to know my cousin, Ken, and his son, Christopher (trivia - Chris is my first cousin/once removed). Our daughter Margaret has gone with us the last two years.

We flew down on Friday, and home yesterday. We packed for temperatures in the 80s, and had temps in the 40s with wind and drizzle. It was really yucky. At least not as bad as it was back in Nashville with below-freezing temps and snow. No snow when we got back home, and we had an easy drive to Margaret's to pick up our car, and then back home to Chattanooga.

More travel plans tomorrow and I'll download my pictures from the weekend and post some photos.