Sunday, April 08, 2018

Super weekend

We had a fantastic weekend.  First Margaret told me that Jesse had proposed to his girlfriend and she had said "Yes"!  They haven't been dating a terribly long time, but she's a really nice gal, and we like her a lot.  Wedding will probably be sometime next year - late spring/early summer.

I spent the night at Margaret's and we went to Nashville to meet up with John's great-nephew and his lady.  I don't think I had seen him since he was 14, but we recognized each other immediately.  It was such a treat to see him again and meet his lady - and get all caught up on their travels.  They're doing a long-term odyssey around the US and Canada, staying for several weeks in various places, and looking for a place to settle.  They both are entrepreneurs and work on the computer, so they can live anywhere.  They fly from place to place, staying in AirB&Bs and using Uber for transport.  Our group was Matt and Barbra, Margaret, Kate, Jean, and me - just a great meal and visiting session.

Then we went to Hendersonville (where we lived before moving here) and spent the evening, afternoon, and overnight with old and dear friends there - again, getting caught up on family doings and just generally talking the night away.

Margaret brought me home this afternoon and I'm just trying to get caught up now.  My plan is to go to swimming in the morning.