Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Yesterday, I went to the library between coffee and bridge to read the paper and generally kill some time.  The shelves of DVDs were near where I was sitting, so I did some browsing.  And brought home a treasure.

This afternoon, I watched the pilot of Northern Exposure, the quirky TV show about the new Columbia med school doctor from Queens who moves to Cicely, Alaska, to pay off his med school debt.  The show ran from 1990-1995, and was one of our favorites. I laughed out loud several during the pilot, and I'm going to love the rest of Season 1.

Give yourselves a treat and watch it again (or for the first time).
And while mentioning favorite shows, NCIS showed its 300th episode tonight.  Who'd believe, after all this time, that Gibbs and Crew could still make me cry.

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