Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I was thinking about my life and realized what a good decision I made to move here.  John and I had talked about moving out of the house for a number of years, and I think he was finally coming around.  But when he died, things moved so quickly, and  I moved out of our house five weeks later.  I was lucky enough to find the perfect place, which made the decision easier.  But when you've heard forever to put off major decisions for at least a year following the death of a spouse, it was a tough decision to make.  Conversations lately have confirmed my decision.  I think if I hadn't moved when I did, it would have gotten increasingly difficult to make any move.  In the event, I took with me what I really wanted and what would fit into the new apartment, the daughters and grandchildren took what they wanted, and we gave away, donated, or threw away the rest.  It was down and dirty and fast.  And, so far, I haven't missed a thing.

I know my solution certainly wouldn't fit everybody (or maybe even anybody), but it certainly was right for me.


Tonight's menu choices for the "Under the Sea Dinner":

Maryland Crab Cakes - Jumbo lump crab meat blended with mayonnaise, herbs, and spices, rolled in Panko bread crumbs, pan seared until golden brown, served with remoulade sauce.

Baked Schrod - Baby cod filet lightly battered in Ritz cracker crumbs and baked in our oven, served with dill caper sauce.

Grilled Salmon - Salmon filet, grilled, seasoned with lemon pepper and topped with pico de gallo

Flounder Imperial - Lightly cajun seasoned flounder, baked and topped with house made imperial sauce (sauteed crab meat & shrimp in a rich and creamy hollandaise)

Sides - Garlic & herbed wild rice, cabbage & brussels creamy slaw, sweet hush puppy corn fritter

My choice - the flounder - which was delicious! (another good decision)


Kate said...

Sounds delicious!

We're all so happy that things have worked out well. I know I was resistant to the idea of you and Daddy moving out of the house - the signifigance of it was undeniable. Looks like things on that front resolved ideally for both of you, since as you said, he would not have been happy in "the home"


Bev Sykes said...

I have a friend who has moved under similar circumstances. I think she is going to come around to feeling like this too. Makes me smile.