Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This and That on Wednesday

For me, today was swimming, coffee, and my mani/pedi.  Would you believe a gel polish from (of all things) "Little Kitty"?  Makes me cringe, but I love the  polish - almost completely clear, but with sparkles.  Going crazy! 

Tomorrow I have to go back to the optometrist.  I had my six-month checkup last week, and was told to call them right away if I had any flashes or floaters.  Well, I've had one floater since Monday, and decided I'd better call.  They want me to come in tomorrow - so it's back to the eye doctor I go.  Fingers crossed here. 

 The space station was visible in our area today.  That's always fun to watch. It was a very long fly-over this time. It would be visible for several more days here, but we're due to have bad weather tomorrow. 

I turned on USA to watch NCIS reruns, and watched a relatively new episode I'd not seen before.  I didn't know there were any of those left.

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