Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday musing

Beautiful almost-full moon tonight.  I looked it up and the moon is to be full Wednesday night.  And, the site mentioned a partial lunar eclipse.  I wonder where it will be visible - our weather guys haven't mentioned anything about it.
On yesterday's entry, Kate asked what I'd read lately.  I've been in a reading slump for several years now.  It has taken me weeks to read a series police procedural/mystery.  I've done a little better with nonfiction.  But lately, I've not been able to read at all.  Like NOT AT ALL.  I can get maybe a page or two every once in a while - maybe more if I'm waiting in a doctor's office.  Damn, but I wish this would work itself out. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Kate said...

It was beautifully clear here last night too. Quite a change from the yukky weekend weather.

Do you still get Smithsonian Magazine? That is always full of interesting things, none of them too long. I know you can get magazines on your ipad if you don't want to deal with a physical version.

Going to my 35 yr banquet for work tonight. Wow - never thought I'd be in the same place for so long. Only 2 1/2 more years to go!