Monday, February 29, 2016

Eating our way across the Florida Panhandle.

Waffle House (Bacon Lover's BLT)
Water Street Hotel and Marina (Great suite, two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, screened deck over creek, etc.)
Papa Joe's (dozen oysters on the half-shell - steamed, butter/parmesan, another kind)

Caroline's (brunch, oyster cakes, scrambled eggs, toast)
Up The Creek (dozen oysters on the half-shell - steamed, Mediterranean with chopped olives and capers, salad)


Café Con Leche (Venezuelan coffee shop, arepas and coffee)

Pepper's (Port St. Joe) (restaurant picked because of smells wafting out while shopping - Mexican place - ceviche)
Tamara's Café (best meal - two appetizers - about a dozen fried oysters, oyster stew)

Sharon's Café, Mexico Beach (waffle, just a good local breakfast)
Ezell's, Phenix City (fried catfish, slaw, hushpuppies)

Unlike some folks ( mentioning no names) I didn't take pictures of any of the dinners. LOL

The food was SO good, and I finally found the way to have oysters - just steamed, fried, or in chowder (I don't do raw) - the other stuff just overwhelms them.  This was a great laid-back weekend with good company.  Sue & Margaret got to do some shopping and some beach-walking/shell-hunting. I got some beach-sitting and knitting done.  As an extra bonus, Randy got me my very own ugly jug.

When do we go again?

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