Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Woke up to about 0.5" of snow on the deck.
  2. Then it started snowing hard - big and fluffy.
  3. Volunteers came to the Terrace, and I early-voted for the 1 March presidential primary.
  4. The wind started blowing, and by lunchtime, most of the snow had blown away.
  5. I went out to see the ENT.
  6. They tested my hearing and did the Epley maneuver for the vertigo.
  7. Doc said I had some hearing loss - to be expected at my age. Not nearly enough to consider hearing aids.
  8. It's going to be BRRRR cold in the morning.
  9. I'll skip swimming tomorrow.  Don't want to chance getting on black ice driving in the dark.
  10. Not happy with, but not surprised by, the New Hampshire results.

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