Wednesday, February 03, 2016


The storms roared through about 3:30 this morning.  My phone's weather alert went off, and the thunder started.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep.  So much for swimming this morning.  I did make coffee, though.  And then went for a massage.

I've gotten some stupid page that come up covering my Edge window.  It tells me to "Click OK" and I'll win an Apple iPhone6.  Right! - like I'm going to do that.  But I can't make it go away.  I've done a "restart"; I've done a complete shut-down.  It still won't go away.  I guess I'll have to take it to Staples or Best Buy and get somebody to fix it for me.  I had put an IE link on my task bar, so that's what I'm using for this.

Residents' Council for the Terrace was this afternoon.  I always try to go to these, just to find out what's going on with management.  Corporate has passed out some money, and there will be some infrastructure improvements made, some new furniture purchased.  There have been some new job assignments in the staff and some new hires.

But, IMHO, the biggest news from the Council meeting was that the County Election Commission is sending staff here to the Terrace next Tuesday to conduct early voting for  the residents.  I am SO impressed.  That's wonderful.  And I will vote here, instead of one of the other early voting locations.

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