Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raining and cleaning

It rained all night long - probably about 2" around here. Before it got light, a large branch broke off one of the backyard trees. It made a big thud, and took out the wire holding the birdfeeders. Unfortunately they were all broken. There was thunder, so the pool at the Y was closed about the time of our class. John worked out in the Fitness Center. I stayed home, and started on the computer room. What a chore! It's all but overwhelming, but we're throwing SO Much away!

We went for haircuts, and while John was getting his, I went in to Walmart and bought several more storage boxes. I asked John to load all the photography stuff into the new boxes, while I went back to work in the computer room. Lots of cussing and snarling gone on. Don't we all hate to do this kind of stuff!?!

We did make some good progress, though, and it'll be ready for the Merry Maids on Friday.

It's started raining again - that always makes for some good sleeping. And, we don't have to get up early in the morning!

We didn't have hummingbird feeders on the wire, but these hummers are at feeders at the Barrancas Hotel on the Cooper Canyon trip.

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