Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lady Mocs 75, San Francisco 52

Sorry folks, you'll just have to put up with the basketball team scores.

It's late and it's been a busy, fun day. Our swimming group Xmas party had to be postponed by a death in the family of our hostess. We met at Panera Bread after class, as usual, but with more in the bunch than usual. This is such a great group of people, and we do enjoy our times together (even the exercise part). I went to the shop, and then headed home early for more cooking.

Jean got here about 2 - a relatively uneventful drive for her. We went to the airport to pick up Alison and Joe. They had a long, but uneventful travel day. Each leg of their flight landed a bit early, and the checked bag arrived at the same time. It's great to have them here! Kate got here about 6. She had more traffic and had periods of hard rain and road-spray, but at least got here in good shape.

We took time for some appetizers and some wine before dinner, then ate. Sue and Randy got here about 9, They had eaten, but were able to find room for a ham biscuit. We had a good time visiting - frequently all talking at the same time (gee, imagine that!). Poor Joe - thrown into the middle of all this. He held his own!

We'll be busy tomorrow. Alison has a full agenda of things she want to see and do, so we'll be out seeing what we can accomplish. The weather should be warm and cloudy, so we'll do as much as we can.

Here's an aerial photo of Chattanooga. We plan to see the Aquarium (on the near - south - side of the river, just to the left of center), the Hunter Museum of American Art (just out of the photo on the right side), and walk the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge (the blue bridge on the right).

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