Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clemson 79, Lady Mocs 74 (from Monday night)

We've gotten the country ham cooked today. The taste-testers pronounced it a success. We started the soaking process on Saturday. Now it's all cooked and wrapped and in the fridge, ready for dinner on Friday. I've also gotten the dill-seasoned oyster crackers done, and a squash casserole made. I always try to do as much in advance as possible.

We even got a little more straightening up of stuff that we stockpiled to get out of the way for the cleaning crew. Little by little....

It's been another gloomy, cold, rainy day. There's supposed to be less rain for the rest of the week, but still lots of clouds. I found one of those treatment lights for John to try. They're supposed to help people who have problems who suffer from last of sunshine - Seasonal Affective Disorder. We hope it helps. In the instructions, it does mention that the user should be careful not to overuse. Remember the episode of Northern Exposure when Walt becomes addicted to his treatment-light visor? Think sunshine!

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