Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lady Mocs 82, Furman Lady Paladins 38

This was a long day - but very productive. Teeth cleaning came first, with no problems. I've never minded going to the dentist. Guess it's because I have good teeth, and rarely have any problems.

From there went straight to my 6-month check with the rheumatologist. Even with the cold weather, I'm not too creaky. My problem area for a while has been my hands - uncomfortable and annoying - but not enough to think about an injection or anything special.

It finally did warm up a bit - at least by comparison - and it started raining about 10 p.m. It's supposed to rain all night - should make for some good sleeping.

I stayed at the gallery the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon. I even worked on some paintings. I do need to be doing some more painting - maybe this'll get me inspired.

The day ended up with a Friends of the Library Board meeting. I had gotten some KFC for our lunch today, and got enough to take home for supper. "The Colonel" is always a welcome guest for dinner at our house.

Amazing about the governor of Illinois. How stupid! to say that kind of stuff over an open phone line. I know that trying that kind of stuff is stupid by definition, but that almost sets a new standard of lowness and stupidity.

John went to bed early tonight after having gotten his exercise today rearranging leaves. The best part was that the city was in the neighborhood today picking up leaves. John was just in time, so we didn't have leaves piled up along the curb. Yea!

I did find a new TV show that I'll be watching. Leverage (starring Timothy Hutton) on the TNT network, is a confidence-game-caper, with the former thieves fleecing the bad guys, and giving the money to some good cause. I love that sort of story. Check it out! And there's another one on TNT that I've recorded to check out - The Librarian, with Noah Wyle. I caught the tail end of an episode and Bob Newhart was also on it. There may be life on TV yet.

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