Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lady Vols 81, Old Dominion 76

One more day before the folks start coming in. We've got a pretty good agenda over the next couple of days. But the good thing about this group is that we're always open to something new. That does make it interesting sometimes.

John sliced the ham tonight. Yum! And I took the little pieces, ground them up in the food processory, added some stuff, and made a dip/spread. Double-yum! Nothing like taking something good, and using part of it to make something else good. The fresh fruit got cut up for some lightness.

I do have to make some reference to the Great Shoe-Throwing Event. One of our Thursday lunch bunch commented that it was the first time he had seen Bush lean to the left. And I must share today's efforts from our favorite editorial cartoonists, Bruce Plante and Clay Bennett.


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