Friday, December 12, 2008

Lady Vols 81, MTSU 52

Rain, rain, rain!!! We've gotten 4+ inches of rain since Tuesday evening. It certainly does help our drought situation. We have only an 11" deficit in rainfall for 2008 so far. I'm really not complaining - it wasn't snow. Can you believe they had 3" of SNOW in New Orleans and Baton Rouge?!?! Amazing! It looks now like we're going to miss the white stuff. The rain stopped and the roads dried out before the temperatures dropped.

John and Margaret headed out early for the ballgame in Knoxville, because of the heavy rain. Of course, it wasn't a problem, so they were there way too early. They did get to visit with Matt & Amanda at their apartment, so that was a plus. M&A are going to Atlanta to look at apartments tomorrow. Matt has accepted the job offer he got, and they're excited about starting their new life.

I went to the Photo Society Xmas dinner tonight. It's always fun to see all the great photos that the members take. They're so talented, and always present their best work. The covered dishes brought by the members are always terrific, too. At least the rain had stopped by the time I was heading home.

Anybody who's seen our house would be astounded at the appearance of the computer room. The cleaning crew comes tomorrow, and we needed to get some space and floor for them to clean. The "stuff" still has to be gone through, but we've sent gobs of stuff to the garbage and to recycle - and will probably send lots more. But this much had to be done before the cleaning crew got here. I'll get a photo tomorrow.

This photo from one of our TV stations shows what Chattanooga looks like after this type of rain.

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