Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday - just a little different

Nothing like an ordinary busy Monday to drop you back in your rut. Swimming, coffee, Wal-Mart, bridge - just the usual.

Well, not exactly. After the drive to Atlanta, my car was really thirsty. With the 3 cent/gallon discount at Wal-Mart, I paid $1.36/gallon to fill it up. That's certainly the lowest in a long time.

And I arranged for my Christmas present today. A representative from Merry Maids came by to give me an estimate on doing a major house-cleaning. I also asked for a cost for once-a-month cleaning after that. This will certainly not be inexpensive, but this something that needs to be done. So we'll bite the bullet and do it. The cleaning crew is coming to spend the day on Friday.

Today's picture is one of John's - a petroglyph from the Four Corners area. No significance - I just like spirals!

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