Monday, December 05, 2016

What a day!

I haven't worked this much in a day in a long time. I'm not complaining - I need to be doing more and more. Things did kind of pile up today, though.

I had coffee with my swim buddies.  As things turned out, it was a very smart move for me to NOT go to swimming this morning.  Maybe Wednesday.  After coffee, I had an optometry appointment. And I got home just about in time for lunch. Shortly after lunch a friend called and asked if I'd be interested in playing duplicate with her this evening. I like playing with this gal, and though I knew it would make for a long day, I agreed.

In midafternoon, I went to my first outpatient physical therapy session.  I had taken some pain medicine before I went, and it didn't seem like I worked all that hard, but I was surely limping by the time I got home.  I didn't get much rest before suppertime and then off again.

It was great to get to play some bridge.  And my partner and I came in fourth out of 13 couples - not too bad, considering we'd not played together more than a couple of times.  So I'm up for playing again on Monday night.

I was really hurting by the time I got home , so the first thing I did was get some pain medicine. I'm up much later than my current usual.  So I'm off to bed - to rest up for another PT session at 9 a.m. tomorrow.


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