Sunday, December 25, 2016

TV reviews

I'm not a great fan of Christmas movies - particularly when they're on 24/7 - as they are at this time of year.  Plus all the network/cable programs I normally watch are doing reruns.

So I decided to watch some Netflix today.  I've loved the Longmire series - the books by Craig Johnson and the TV series, both on A&E and on Netflix. Actually that's why I subscribed to Netflix in the first place.  I have heard that the season of Longmire that was released this spring was to be the last season.  Well, I finished the series this afternoon, and without giving a spoiler, I have to say it was a MOST unsatisfactory final program.  I only hope that there will be new programs coming.

Having vented about that, I've started watching a new Netflix series - Medici.  It's a period show set in Renaissance Florence.  The costumes and views of the wonderful architecture are feasts for the eyes.  I've watched only one program, so the jury is still out on the quality of the program.  We shall see.

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