Monday, October 05, 2015

Well, I'm in....

Well, I'm here! Thanks to Margaret, the staff here, the movers (the Good Guys), and Comcast. Everybody came a little earlier than scheduled, and finished without incident. There are still a couple of boxes to unpack and stuff at the house to pack up and bring. But I'm in and will be sleeping here tonight!

I got an early dinner and hurried to the apartment to get my shoes off and into soft clothes. And now I’m in my chair, watching TV, and shoeless. FJ&D sent sent me some lovely flowers. And I’ve been on the phone a lot, talking to Sue, Robin, and Beth.

Tomorrow, Jean is coming, and she'll help me get more smaller, loose things moved from the house. And she'll help me decide what to put on the walls. Beth is coming later in the week to give me advice about what to do with the house.

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