Thursday, October 08, 2015

More moving stuff

Smaller things are slowly getting moved from the house to the apartment.  Jean has been here, sleeping at the house, but going back and forth with "stuff" and helping get it organized once it gets here.  She's done some shopping and just generally done what needs doing.
Our old friend, Beth and her daughter Lisa, were in town for a couple of days.  Beth is a realtor and she's helping me with advice on what needs to be done to the house to help it sell and helping me find a realtor here.  I know I'll really depend on her opinions dealing with that. She's definitely a special lady!  Plus they took us out to dinner two nights!
I haven't had a chance to do any of the activities here at the Terrace or to meet too many of the other residents, but that will come as I get more settled in.  I did get to swimming yesterday and am planning to go tomorrow - so that feels good, too.
And then the battery died in my car this afternoon and I had to call AAA to come get the car started and install a new battery.  @#$$%%$###

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