Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Gradually coming together

I went to breakfast in the dining room this morning, but think I'll probably be eating breakfast "at home" most of the time. I'd rather eat breakfast in my pjs than have to get dressed to go to the dining room. And I should be having my paper delivered to my door - it was supposed to be today, but wasn't. I hope it will be there tomorrow.

I had a good night. The only problem was the a/c leaked, and one corner of the living room and adjoining bedroom have wet carpet. The maintenance guys came this morning and have worked on it, plus they‘ve been back twice to check on it. They have fans blowing on the areas to help them dry quicker. From what they said, this is not uncommon when an apartment that's been vacant for a month or so is newly occupied.

I like the way we decided to arrange the rooms. And my enormous shower worked beautifully this morning. I've met a few folks, and I know I'll be meeting more. I haven't had a chance yet to go to any of the activities - just meals.

Jean is here to help. She’s staying at the house, but spending most of the day with me. We brought a load back from the house today, including a lot of stuff from the refrigerator. So now I do have food for breakfasts. We finished the day with a trip to Walmart for a new phone (with two handsets), an inflatable mattress (for the house for a while, and then here for a guest), a toaster, paper towel holder, and other small stuff like that.

It’s gradually coming together.

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Bev Sykes said...

Takes a while but in no time you'll be feeling at home. Glad to hear things are coming along well