Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Things keep moving

I went to swimming and coffee this morning. Wayne, grandson Andy, and his fiancée Erica drove down this morning to pick up some of the things they wanted from the house. I went there first and emptied John's tall chest-of-drawers (one of the things they were taking). It was mostly socks, underwear, cargo shorts, bathing suits, sleep pants, etc. I bagged all that up to take to the homeless shelter. There was one drawer of "stuff" - most of which went straight into the trash. I did find a few trinkets to keep, though.
The guys also loaded up some of the art work from the house that I wanted over here, and carried that into the apartment for me. Before they headed home, I took them to lunch at a yummy local burger place near here. We ate so late with a full burger and onion rings, I skipped dinner tonight. Sweet Andy also hooked up my DVD player and Roku box - and posted a picture of us on Facebook.

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