Saturday, October 17, 2015


Last weekend when Sue and Jean were here, they put a couple of birdfeeders out on the deck. I had just noticed some birds were starting to find them. Then one morning I looked out, and both feeders were completely empty. Oh, well - I figured some critter (maybe a possum or a raccoon) had found them and cleaned them out. So I filled them again.

Yesterday morning, not only was the birdseed gone, both feeders were gone. Completely gone! I looked around, but didn’t see anything. I thought maybe I wasn’t supposed to have feeders and the maintenance people had picked them up, but… I put some seed out on a plate, but then took it inside last night. I put the plate back out today, and the birds slowly started coming to that.

This evening Carol and Stephen came by and took me out to dinner (Yummy stuff at Red Ginger Bistro!). I gave them the guided tour of the apartment. When we got to the deck, I told them about the feeders. Carol looked over the railing and noticed the flat black feeder hidden under a rose bush. Stephen went down the steps and picked that one up. While looking around, he found the yellow one hidden under the deck.

I don’t know how that raccoon thinks I can refill the feeders for him if he doesn’t leave them out for me to find. What a hoot!
Matt stopped by on his way back to Atlanta. Margaret had gotten me some shelves to put beside the refrigerator. Matt brought them in, assembled them, and got them situated for me. They work great! Thanks.

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