Friday, October 16, 2015

Approaching "routine"?

Today may have approached a more "normal" Friday. I went to swimming and to coffee.  Then I got a few "Hixson" errands done - the post office, the bank, etc. Missy was back in town, so I had lunch with Renna and her.

I came back home, got a short nap, wrote some thank-you notes, and made a few phone calls.  I had supper in the dining room and came back to take off my shoes and get into soft clothes.

Boring I know - but what a refreshing change.  I'm finally settling down enough to pay some attention to the apartment and get an idea of what else I need to do with it.

Life goes on.

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Shigeyuki Sato said...

Which restaurant did you take lunch with Renna and Missy? Like to check Google Map and find you all there.