Monday, October 26, 2015

My momentarily quiet life

It was a very quiet weekend - really nothing going on. The rain started last night, and it's been a light rain almost constantly since then. I don't think we've has more than about an inch, though.

Mondays are an all-day thing for me now. Swimming and coffee, of course. This morning, I had my 6-month dental cleaning. Unfortunately, another one of my 50+ year old gold inlays has started to "leak". I have another appointment in a couple of weeks so the dentist can try to just remove the old inlay and replace the filling, or whether I'll need a crown. Yuck. At least it's not too bad at this point.

The cards were so-so at bridge, but it's always good to play. I haven't had a chance to see about finding folks to play bridge with here. Surely there are some who would like to do so (and aren't too bad).

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