Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gradually getting it done.

I guess I haven’t written in a couple of days. It’s been lots more of the same.

Jean left early Sunday morning. Sue came through that afternoon with a small desk she brought from Margaret’s. It fits very well in the intended space, and will do fine for my papers, etc.

Yesterday was an all-day event. I left before 7 to go to swimming, then coffee. I went by the house to put my swim stuff in the dryer, then went for an appointment with the optometrist, and then to play bridge. I managed to sneak some lunch in there somewhere. But it surely felt good to get home, have someone else cook supper, then get my shoes off and into my jammies!

Today was with appointments, too, but not as many. And the mani/pedi was definitely a pampering experience (and long overdue). The meeting with the attorney was to get all the papers filled out, notarized, and sent in to get an official Alberta death certificate.

I also did a lot of telephone work - changing addresses, user names, passwords, etc., on my credit cards. This sees like so much busy-work - and I guess it is. But it is necessary. And things are gradually getting done.

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