Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I went to a little bit of Silver Sneakers this morning.
  2. I left to go to the rheumatologist's office to get a cortisone shot in my left knee.
  3. The orthopedist had taken x-rays several months ago and there is no cartilage left in my knees - just bone-on-bone.
  4. The PA at the rheumatologist agreed - said he even had trouble getting the needle into the right place.  I guess that's as good as a second opinion.
  5. He also told me that it's best to get elective surgery done in the fall and winter - that he'd seen that patients got better results.
  6. And he told me that getting about three weeks of "pre-hab" before the surgery would be very beneficial.
  7. Now I'll think more seriously about knee replacement - maybe after Andy and Erica's wedding.
  8. I met Carol for lunch - soup and sandwich at Panera Bread.
  9. We saw the 3D version of The Jungle Book.  Fun movie.
  10. Then back home to get my feet up for the evening and hope the shot takes effect quickly.

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