Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Car day

I've spent the day dealing with, or waiting on, car things.  I took my car to the body shop this morning, per appointment.  Turns out things had not quite been settled with the insurance company.  I talked to the company, and then headed home, planning to reschedule.  I'd gone only a couple of blocks, when the insurance company called back and okayed everything, and that they'd talked to Enterprise about a car.   Sighhhhhhhh 

So I turned around and went back to the shop.  Eventually the guy from Enterprise came to pick me up.  BUT, it turned out they didn't have a car ready, so they were just going to take me back home - to be picked up later. That was abut 9:30 this morning.  I called about 3:30, and was told it shouldn't be too much longer.  Yeah, right!  At least I didn't have anything major planned for today. They finally came about 4:30.  At least I didn't have to take the delivery guy back - another car came with him to do that. 

So now I have a car - 2015 Camry - very nice.  The delivery guy made a point of telling me to return it "empty".  OK, so I don't put gas in it when I take it back.  When I took it to my parking space, I realized that it was already on "empty".  Well, crap!  I'm out so early in the morning, I didn't want to deal with it then.  So after supper, I went to Walmart to gas it up. 

So much for car days! 

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