Thursday, April 07, 2016

Quiet times

It's been really quiet the last few days.  Well, except for some thunderstorms last night, but it was a nice cool day today.  The only excitement was going to the body shop to get an estimate on repairs to my car.  It was not as high as I had feared - but then I won't be paying for it in any case.  Now to wait for all the paper work to get tended to.

I was having trouble getting my Roku box to let me watch programs from Netflix and Amazon.  I had tried rebooting (I thought), unplugging the box and replugging it.  But it just wouldn't work.  I asked Kate about it, and we arranged to get on the phone this evening, so she could try to talk me through a fix. Turns out I was unplugging the wrong plug.  Duhhhhh!  So I got to watch a couple of episodes of Longmire tonight.  Thanks, Kate!

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