Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Trifecta

Kate came in Friday afternoon sbout 5, and immediately started on the laundry. We had supper, and John and I went to the Symphony. She was just finishing up the last load when we got home about 10:30. I asked how many loads she did, and she said she didn't even count them. But this morning, she gave herself a great treat. She's been in the market for a loom. A friend here, who is a fabric artist, had a loom she wanted to sell. They got together this morning, and Kate is now the proud owner of a Macomber floor loom. She is one happy camper. She couldn't take it home with her, it's going to take a truck. So she'll have to make another trip if Wayne can get their truck running, or maybe get Jesse to come get it for her and take it to her house. It'll happen somehow.

About noon, we headed out to Margaret's. It was great to see Jesse and his new toy. The weather today was GREAT! He had been out learnng his new bike and enjoying the gorgeous day. Kate and Jean, Matt & Amanda were there when we arrived. Friends of ours from Chattanooga and Hendersonville, as well as lots of Bobby's family came in to help with the celebration. There was certainly a lot of food. Barbecued chicken breasts, fried catfish, cornbread, corn, pinto beans, broccoli casserole, potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, bar slaw, relishes and condiments. And then there were the desserts. There's nothing like a special occasion to bring out the good food - not that it really takes anything special. Good family, good friends, and good food - Nothing can beat it!

Photos from the day.



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Sian said...

The food looks gorgeous and is making me hungry. Jesse and his bike look so cool! Hope he has many many many hours of enjoyment with his new toy. Handsome toy - handsome boy!

Mary Z said...

Sian, you're welcome to come anytime. We'd love to have you.