Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is always busy. I guess I like doing all this stuff on one day - then it's downhill for the rest of the week. It would've been ever so much nicer, though, to have gotten some good cards at bridge this afternoon.

Jean and I have figured out we can chat on facebook. Actually, we didn't figure it out - Amanda explained it to us (in little bitty words). Thanks, Amanda. We didn't have much time to chat today, but we'll try again later in the week.

Our Lady Mocs beat College of Charleston tonight, 72-61. The referees in the women's games are generally awful, but the ones tonight were incredibly bad. Even I could tell, and they have to be really bad about that.

I'm going to call my doc tomorrow and see if I can get in sometime this week for an injection in my knee. Phooey! We also have to get haircuts this week. It does go on.....

The moon was full tonight. No photos of that, but another one of the sunset last Saturday.

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