Thursday, September 10, 2015


I saw the rheumatologist this morning. He's such a nice guy/good doctor. He was so concerned about me - even giving me a short session of grief counseling - mainly just good common sense advice. He took an x-ray of my ankle to rule out a stress or chip fracture for the sudden onset of pain, but expected to find that it was tendinitis. The x-ray was normal, so I'll just have to wait out the duration of the tendinitis. I'm to keep wearing the elastic ankle brace, and take pain meds when necessary. Also he's changing my NSAID from DayPro (generic) to another oldie - Naprosyn (generic). We'll see how that does.

I called the crematory in Calgary. They tell me the ashes and death certificate are on their way, so we should be able to proceed with other things before long.

Jean's job will be over the end of this month. I'd been talking about her getting me a new laptop with her employee discount. So she ordered that for me while she was here. So I have another new learning curve to deal with - a new laptop with Windows 10.

Alison & Joe, Jean & Leroy are all back home safely. I can’t begin to thank everybody for all the help they’ve given me. I don’t know what I’d have done without it. And there’s still more to come. What a great family we have!

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