Thursday, September 17, 2015


Jean and I had a productive day. Plus the cleaning lady came - so that always does some good.

I got some paperwork done. We got copies of the death certificate made, so we have those ready to go with forms to be sent in. We got some plastic bins for paint supplies. We emptied the knitting cabinet and did some sorting in that. And, wonder of wonders, I actually worked about an hour sorting through my art supplies and other stuff in the office/studio. It’s a good start.

The attorney has made an appointment for us to start the probate process for 25 September, so that’s underway. And I have an appointment with a financial advisor on 24 September. I’ll be paying my first month’s rent early next week, and I can start moving things in anytime after that.

We finished off the day at dinner with Tina at Noodles & Pho. A good day.

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