Friday, September 25, 2015

And more

Another busy day today. The rain made driving and walking an interesting exercise, but the time in the courthouse was short and uneventful. I was back home about 9:30. I ran some errands, even including Walmart. I picked up some things I need for the new place - a lockbox for my medications (required), some dividers for the kitchen drawers, shower curtains (the huge shower will take two), and that always necessary item - toilet paper. All this remains in the trunk of the car. I'm planning to drive over tomorrow and take a load. That will certainly give me a sense of possession.

I’ve checked with the insurance company about renter’s insurance and the insurance on the house for the time after I move out and the time it’s sold. And, I've booked the movers and signed up for cable/internet/phone with Comcast.

Now, I'm getting really eager to get moved in.

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