Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Busy Tuesday

Another busy day - at least this morning. I went to the courthouse again this morning - this time to transfer John's car title. Turns out I don't need to do that to sell the car, since I'm executor. But I did get lots of other good information.

Then I took a couple of bags of stuffed animals to the fire department (to give to kids to comfort them after fires, wrecks, etc.). I had a big basket of mostly small penguins and flamingos that have "flocked" here over the years.

Then I went to the credit union (our bank) to set up an estate account (as advised by the lawyer for the probate). That turned out to be about an hour's worth of looking things up, filling out forms, signing stuff, with eventual success. AND again, getting lots of other valuable information re what to do with renaming and changing the address on the existing account. And I even got in a short trip to Walmart.

And I finished up by getting some clothes out of the closet ready for transport.

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Bev Sykes said...

Whew...I'm exhausted just reading it!