Sunday, September 06, 2015

One week

It was a pretty quiet morning.  But lots going on this afternoon.  Matt and Jesse and his girlfriend, Caroline, came by.  They stayed for lunch and to talk for a while.  Jesse loaded up the old recliners to take to his house (the new ones were delivered on Thursday).  Matt left to head home.  Before Jesse and Caroline left, the rower who had loaned John his rowing machine came to pick it up.  It was good Jesse was still here to help him.  Then J&C left to go back to Hillsboro. Alison left to go visit her other grandparents  (about 30 miles from here).

There were lots of phone calls this evening.  It was good to talk to Anne and Sue and Ann and Margaret.  And then just some TV watching.  Not really "normal", but not chaos either.

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