Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The week continues...

I've gotten more done this busy week - mainly today, I got a much-needed haircut!

My art teacher came by and picked up a lot of art supplies that I know I won't be using any more, and about half of my art books for her library. She's going to mention the others to some in her class. Any books that are left will be going to the library book sale.

I've talked to two moving companies (Two Men & a Truck and another small local one) to get estimates. Each says they don't need to come by - just took my info about furniture I'm taking and quoted me an hourly rate. Both deliver to The Terrace and just need a few days' notice to set up a date. So now I have to decide on a date.

And I talked to the contact guy for Comcast who was recommended by The Terrace. I'm meeting with him tomorrow to check on the package I might want. I'll have to use them for cable and internet - we'll see how the phone works out.

After I meet tomorrow morning with the financial advisor and Friday with the attorney, I'll consult with the daughters and decide on a date to physically move. Whew!

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