Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Medical reports

John had his tooth extracted this afternoon. He seems to be doing okay so far. They’re going to just leave the space open for a while and see how he does with it. He might eventually wind up with a bridge or an implant.
Jean got a call from her doctor this afternoon. The thyroid biopsies were benign. Yea! That’s a relief. She’s just to be checked again in a year.
My news is that I finally got to the orthopedist today. The partial shoulder replacement is going to have to be revised. He will do a reverse shoulder arthroplasty, where they put the ball on the top part, rather than on the part that goes into the arm. It's usually done after a failed regular replacement or a really bad rotator cuff tear. Jean's friend, Kay, had rotator cuff surgery a couple of years ago, with a not-too-good result, and she had this procedure done right after Christmas. She's doing pretty well with it - still in the physical therapy stage. The doc says I should have "significantly" less pain and more range of motion with this procedure. I can only hope. It's to be scheduled about the second week in May, after we get back from Hawaii.

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