Friday, March 21, 2014

Home again!

We got home about 4:30 this afternoon. It was about a 7-hour drive, with slow-downs south of Atlanta, Atlanta in general, and a short one just coming in to Chattanooga. But it was all interstate, and really uneventful. We just made one stop for gasoline and two rest area stops for the usual. We’ve unpacked and sorted things out. John went and got burgers from Five Guys for our first meal since breakfast at Jekyll Island.

The program and the location of the Road Scholar program were great. We think we learned a lot - and things that we’ll actually use in our bridge playing - whether rubber bridge or duplicate. This was not technically about learning to play duplicate, but learning to play better bridge in general. It was a good group of students, and the teacher was excellent. He was exceptionally knowledgeable, funny, a good teacher, and wanted to be sure that we actually learned something.

Now we’ll rest up, John will go to more basketball games, and I’ll do laundry. But it’s good to be home.

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Sato said...

It was nice to read your report.
Was the program you took for your bridge playing?