Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reception Eve

We did our lunch thing, and got our much-needed haircuts. Then we went to the Gallery to work more, and work we did! Even John spent time with the heating pad this afternoon. Vicki, Allen, and the workmen had done much more.

We got the paintings moved to the Gallery side of the space - so it's totally different from the pictures I posted the other day. But it just looks great! Vicki is also a decorator, so now, she's working her magic with the small stuff.

I'll go over about noon tomorrow to get more finishing done - dusting and wiping the glass on the paintings, getting the food set out, etc., etc. I'll take my "nice" clothes to change into just before the starting time. I guess we're almost as ready as we're likely to be.

Today's photo was taken in Prague in 2007.

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christyzee said...

Beautiful photos..I read you love to travel, have you visited many lighthouses?
I've faved your blog if you don't mind.

Mary Z said...

Hi Christyzee - I love having you check in regularly. And I love getting comments.

We've visited lots of lighthouses over the years - in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, none of the photographs are digital. Scanning the best of those slides is one of those projects that we're definitely going to do sometime. 8^)

knifepainter said...

Hey Mary,
from one artist to another; good luck, I hope you sell the lot.

Mary Z said...

Thanks for the good wishes, knifepainter. Unfortunately, nothing sold, except for a few note cards, but we did have a good crowd. Maybe somebody will come back and buy. As you know, first you have to get them in the door - and we did do that.