Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Happy Birthday, Kate! (even if you can't read it today). Their area got hit really hard by the ice storm that ran along the Ohio River. They finally got a phone call out today. They've been without power since Tuesday, and were running out of propane and dog food. They drove as far as Nashville looking for propane, without success. They're back at home, and now have located some propane. No telling when they'll get power back. She said there were huge amounts of really big limbs down in their yards - with an inch of ice on them, plus 2" of snow. Not a fun event.

One of my paintings has sold! One of my Bosom Buddies fell in love with one of them after looking at the web album. I'll be sending it to her tomorrow. As I told her, I'm always thrilled when one of my paintings finds a loving home.

Allan flew back to NYC today - both flights were uneventful and on time. It almost makes travel a pleasure.

We think Jesse is between Kuwait and Baltimore, and we're hoping to hug him on Friday. The yellow ribbons are still out.


Click here to read the 29 January 2009 entry on The Sandbox. I wanted to leave a comment, but the comment box wouldn't open. So I will leave it here: Zachary, I could never judge you. My heart breaks and I cry because of the pain you bear, and I can only send you love.
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