Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Gallery and Exhibit status: The glass was up in the side gallery this morning, but it was still not quite closed in (and it's to get VERY cold over the next few days). The workmen had a kerosene heater in their space, but we realized it was pumping carbon monoxide into our space, and had to tell them to turn it off. Oh, well.... The front should be closed in soon. Of course, then they'll start on the main side of the gallery. We cleared the walls in the front of the gallery today, and decided which of my pieces to hang. The show is supposed to open on the 15th, but it'll probably be only partially up by then. The reception is on 23 January. I'll probably wind up starting the exhibit in one space, and then moving it to the other. Oh, well - being flexible is a good thing.

Does anybody out there ever get Raynaud's phenomenon? I've had little bits of it before, on the pads of 1-2 fingertips, when my hands got very cold, but nothing like this morning. This wasn't from the cold gallery, but from the drive over. I had the heater on in the car, of course, and gloves on, but all my fingers were white, all around, from the second knuckle to the fingertips. The circulation finally returned and they warmed back up, but it took a while. I'll call the rheumatologist tomorrow and ask for suggestions, plus doing some online checking tonight.

There was a Friends of the Library Board meeting this afternoon, and then John and I met at a little Italian place for dinner. They have a very limited menu, but the food is excellent.

We went to hear historian Doris Kearns Goodwin (Team of Rivals) speak tonight. The talk was due to start at 7, and the publicity said that it would be first-come/first-served seating. Well, okay - we'll get there early, so no problem. The place won't be full. Right! We got there at 6:20, and people were lined up in the lobby of the UTC Fine Arts Center. It turned out that the theater where she was speaking was already full, and they were getting ready to open seating in the other theater in the Center, with a live TV feed. And when that theater filled up, they opened up another room with TV. Goodwin is a great speaker, with delightful anecdotes about the presidents she's been close to (beginning with LBJ). And the part of her talk about Lincoln and his Team was excellent. Hearing her personal stories about how she got interested in history was good, too. She certainly made Team sounds like a good book to read.

If we go to any of the other talks in this series (3 more), we'll go even earlier - and take a book to read while we wait.

So, after being gone from 9:30 until after 8 p.m., I was glad to get home, in my jammies and robe, and in my recliner.

Let's think summertime with the photo.

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